Contribution is not just about giving, it is more about making a difference. By contributing even a small amount, you will help empower young minds to pursue enriching art and culture. Help us preserve the sanctity of the art, culture, and heritage with your generous offerings.

Help with Funds

Your donation will help us together sow the seeds of peace through art, culture, and heritage in this conflict ridden world. The antidote for conflits is people-to-people contact and enhanced tolerances and respect for each others’ cultures irrespective of colour, caste, creed, and geographical boundaries. Routes 2 Roots along with your support dreams of a peaceful world.

Gift us Moments

There is no greater contribution than the contribution of your time. We welcome volunteers who would like to join our moments by spending time working with us on various programs. Create an everlasting impact by contributing your precious time from any geographical area.

Help in Kind

By donating things, you will be fueling and aiding somebody's passion. We welcome your donation of musical instruments and dance ornaments for our programs. Celebrate the young minds by gifting us instruments that will benefit underprivileged children who have got a knack.

Help with Sponsorship

We are open to introduction to sponsors whose kind offering will help the children across the world through the medium of Routes 2 Roots.