Steps to Upload Video on Youtube

  1. Record video in good quality.
  2. To upload your video Click Here.
  3. Log in using your email ID and password.
  4. After signing in, click on ‘Upload Video’.
  5. Click on ‘Select File’ or drag & drop the video file and wait until uploading ends.
  6. Once file uploading is completed, fill the details about the video:
    • On title column – School’s registered name, student’s full name, class and discipline.
    • Then Scroll Down- Go to ‘Audience’ and select ‘Yes, it’s made for children’.
  7. Click on ‘Next’, then again click on ‘Next’ on Video element tab.
  8. Click on ‘Publish Now’ and select ‘Unlisted’.
  9. Click on ‘Publish’, close the video publish tab.
  10. Click on ‘Videos’ then select the video you uploaded.
  11. Click on the video link written on the right corner below your video.
  12. Finally copy the URL from the address bar and paste it below.