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Our Programs

Our Programs

Our Programs

Routes 2 Roots aims to bridge the socio-cultural distances
between India and the world through various programs.


Teaching students of schools across India, covering the entire country and other parts of the world. This includes periodical workshops in each school with inter school, inter region and inter country performances being organized with our illustrious Board of Advisers.

2.Student Exchange Programs

Cross-cultural communication between students of India and Pakistan to have a clear understanding of history, culture and lifestyle Practices. Aims to turn this interaction into a positive change and eliminate cultural misconceptions and inter-generational conflicts.


Digitalize all the 4 Veda’s that are chanted by the Sanskrit scholars in authentic, well researched Sanskrit pronunciation which when heard and seen brings positive energy to the listeners and their homes. Aims to promote Culture.


Theatre is the best medium to portray a sharp reflection of the society. The idea is not only to make the audience laugh but also take a dig at current world affairs. Sometimes the best messages are conveyed through the stage.


Exhibition is not just about art, but also about life. It also depicts how India has evolved as a whole nation and about its rich heritage that every Indian citizen should preserve. This is the best way to portray our art,culture,cinema,lifestyle and much more across the world. Culture Preservation is very important for the existence of every Indian because if India is famous in world, it is for its great history and culture.

6.Legends Concerts

Only music can strengthen the relations between two countries . Various concerts had been organised that witnessed the sharing of stage by the singers from India and Pakistan. Various singers like Shafqat Amanat Ali , Rahat Fateh Ali Khan traverse disparate styles with equal ease. Many big names in the field of music spellbound the audience with their melodious voices.

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Supporting Organisations

Good deeds are done with good intentions. Supporting an organisation is like supporting a dream. The success of an organisation are the results of combined effort of each individual.


Together We Can

Together We Can

To convert a drop to an ocean , we must be together. To attain peace and brotherhood at an early stage among the younger citizens of different countries, it is required to unite the  people with different  thoughts and abilities.This will help in linking of social and cultural distances of India with other countries.