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  • Delegation of students and teachers from Pakistan in India
    Over the past twelve months, the sustained dialogue has made the students open to the idea of cultural exchange between the two countries. Their response and attitude towards the 'other' has become more friendly and flexible as stereotypes have been challenged and a greater insight into life across the border has been provided. To build on this relationship, a delegation of 19 students, teachers and CAP members will be visited Delhi between 8th-11th February in order to personally experience Indian lifestyle and culture. Following this, a delegation of 19 Indian students, academic faculty and R2R members visited Lahore between 16th-20th February. CAP and R2R believe that the process of learning and exchange will only be strengthened with a personal visit to the two countries where students will be able to present their Pakistani and Indian cultures while also experiencing first hand what it means to be an Indian and Pakistani. It will also provide them the opportunity to represent their lifestyle to their counterparts by closely interacting over a specified time frame. 

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