Oral Histories Exchange Programe
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  • Phase 4: Oral DVDs and Scrapbook Series

    This phase will consist of an oral history exchange between India and Pakistan. The emphasis of this phase will be on children learning about their own history as well as learning to hear different perspectives and information that comes in from across the border. Grandparents of the selected students would be called in and interviewed by the students. Questions will be asked pertaining to pre-partition, partition and life in the early years post-partition. Through this phase, students would ultimately learn several interesting facts about their family as well as their country. They will also have a clearer understanding of how Pakistan and India have changed since partition. Once these DVDs are exchanged, all children in the classrooms will have a chance to hear about each other's history. This will not only add to their cultural knowledge but also fill in the gaps in history books. They will be able to hear about the common man's struggle and experiences and be able to hear a different and more interactive perspective on history than what is offered in their books.

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