Oral Histories Exchange Programe
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  • Phase One: Letters to the Past

    This phase will consist of an exchange of letters between India and Pakistan. Letters delivered across the border will not be directed towards a pre-determined individual, rather they will be “Dear Friend” letters whereby students will introduce themselves and talk about their histories. This phase of the program lays particular emphasis on written communication skills such as writing skills, introduction etiquette as well as personal and historical awareness and education. The children will write down stories of 1947 – Partition and other historical events gleaned from their grandparents. The “Bring Your Story to School” activity will create in children a sense of ownership as they talk to their grandparents and learn about their lifestyles and experiences in the pre-partition and partition era and then share them with their classmates. This will help them compare lifestyles, events and personalities, thereby encouraging independent thinking and comparative analysis. A very important idea to be acquired during this process will be the gradual shift in cultural and societal perceptions pertaining to India and Pakistan. Children from the beginning of time have been subjected to the skewed versions of history depicted in history books. Through this project children will learn more about themselves and each other, creating a very different outlook as a result of increased direct interaction. 

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