Assessing the emerging world scenario over the last two decades, especially in Europe, we noticed that countries were unifying (First East and West Germany, later all countries in Europe to Form European Union) thus leading to huge benefits, not only economically but also socially to all its citizens. However when we looked at our region of the world, SAARC countries in specific we found that there existed a high level of animosity between certain countries and tensions among others. This seemed ironical in the face of the fact that people in these countries (especially India and Pakistan) were very similar in terms of culture, habits and shared many family links. Various governments for their political reasons were creating a situation of conflict among the nations. We decided that independent of the political boundaries, we should strive towards unleashing the feelings of brotherhood among people, the desire to share and learn about our similar yet diverse cultures and not deprive our people of the same.

This feeling and desire to do something, led to the birth of Routes 2 Roots. We have on board as our Patrons Anuradha Mahindra, Juhi Chawla, Begum Nargis Rehman, Mahesh Bhatt, Ambassador Surinder Malik and Nelofer Currimbhoy.

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