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  • About  Exchange for Change - India Pakistan Schools

    With the ongoing initiatives by Routes to Roots in bringing the world closer, a program “Exchange For Change” emerged. Exchange for Change, a campaign for love, peace and brotherhood, started off with a simple and a very basic idea of integrating two nations who are so close yet so far. INDIA-PAKISTAN.
    With the huge success and acceptance of Exchange for Change program of last year 2010 - 2012 covering 2400 children from 10 schools in 4 cities of India and Pakistan, Exchange for Change program 2012 - 2013 was launched with 17 participating schools, 6 cities and 3500 children. Exchange for Change a year long program involves children from both sides of the border in the age group of 10-15 years, which we believe are the pure and unadulterated minds and also open to the brighter future of the countries, because the world is a witness that if there has been growth, regions have emerged and not a country alone.
    Routes 2 Roots hope that through this project, children learn about the history which is the legacy of their own ancestors and identify themselves to it. The Exchange program here is not just about exchanging students across the borders but the exchange of thoughts, emotions, experiences, love…. LIFE.
    In collaboration with our partner CAP (Citizens Archive of Pakistan NGO) with the same devotion and dedication, and the idea to bring close, the generation, which will be the future of the respective countries tomorrow, and the development of this region, We undertake a year long program which is divided into four parts of three months each. Every part of the three month activity is unique in its own way. There is emotion, there is love, there is an innocent inquisitiveness in the minds of the children and then, there is “the exchange”.  The 4 phases are letter exchanging, picture sharing and postcard writings, collages, and voice recording. This gradual process of the bonding activity helps develop and nurture in children the belief of integration, and developing the conscience in them that at the end of the day it's not about an Indian or Pakistani, it's about the Human Being, a “being” a creation of the creator and of the supreme who is above the lines, may be parallel or may be of control, above diplomacies, above bureaucracies and above ALL.

    Project Design

    The Exchange-for-change model was developed as a result of two competing demands

    The Oral History Project goals which strive towards creating awareness of Pakistan's joint history with India, among other aspects 
    The lack of communication between India and Pakistan and the resultant deficit in history syllabi of schools of both countries
    Exchange for change program is the only one of its kind which connects such a large number of students spread over a year with sustained communication 
    There is no cost involvement for the school or the child and the entire costs are met by Routes2Roots and its partner  Citizen Archive of Pakistan with the help from private donors.  

    The model consisted of four phases each requiring students aged ten to fifteen to engage in open dialogue. The phases are detailed in this presentation. In this exchange program 3500 students are participating directly from 17 schools, 6 cities, Karachi, Lahore & Rawalpindi in Pakistan and Delhi, Mumbai  & Chandigarh in India.  

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