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  • Exhibition on The Journey of Indian Cinema in South Africa
    The Journey of Indian Cinema exhibition was taken to South Africa from 21st July 2011 to 30th July 2011 as a part of the Festival of India in South Africa 2011. This exhibition displayed a variety of exhibits like pictures, blow ups, cut-outs, collages, background music, attractive text panels and the costumes all of which were aimed to showcase the rich, deep and unique heritage of the Indian 'Cinema spanning all the periods from silent era to the present day contemporary movies. Also short snippings of movies from the yester era to the current era were played. A special catalogue was also prepared along with an audio Visual which showed the Journey of Indian Cinema from the yester years to the current modern Era. Both the catalogues and the CD’s of the audio visual were distributed for free to all the visitors of the exhibition.  It also had live performances on bollywood songs both contemporary and classical Kathak ranging from the silent to the contemporary era.

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